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Iron Fist vs Storm and Cosmic Cube


I have a question about how Iron Fist: The Immortal interacts with Cosmic Cube: Energy of the Beyonders and Storm: Extra Lightning.

Iron Fist's first ability (the one relevant for this question) reads: "While Iron Fist is active, reduce damage from opposing character abilities by 1".

Storm's ability reads: "While Storm is active, when you use an action die, deal 1 damage to target opponent or target character die."

Cosmic Cube reads: "Whenever an Action die or character ability deals damage this turn, increase that damage by 2."

If I have Iron Fist active and my opponent uses Cosmic Cube while Storm is active (which normally would deal 3 damage since Cosmic Cube resolves before Storm triggers)), which of the following happens?

1) Iron Fist prevents one of the three damage dealt by Storm and Cosmic Cube, so I take 2 damage.

2) Since Iron Fist prevents Storm's damage, Cosmic Cube does not meet the condition for it to trigger (namely, that a character ability or action deals damage), so I take 0 damage.

Thank you

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